We hope you had a productive TA Taping and Consultation.
To continually improve our services, we need your input.

Please answer the following six questions.

This survey is anonymous.Your responses will be collected on a server and then sent to the TA Development Program without your email address.

1.In the adjacent box, please choose the Academic Division for which you are a TA.

2. Please comment on your videotaping: the scheduling procedure, the videotaper, audio/visual of your tape, or any other aspects of the taping.

3. What was your consultant’s name?

4. Please describe an aspect of the consultation that has been useful or beneficial to your teaching.

Examples: "The consultant suggested I use more wait time when asking questions. This has been really helpful in my labs."

5. Please give at least one specific element that you would like to see changed in the taping and consultation process.

Examples: "The prep sheet I had to read before the consultation was too detailed." or "There was too long a delay between taping my class and the consultation." or "I would have preferred a consultant who knew my department/discipline." 

6. Please feel free to comment on any other aspect of the taping/consultation process.